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Pump 5 Grille

Quality food. Family Owned. Community Driven.

Chef Hisham started Pump 5 Grille to save Metro Detroiters from the average, mundane lunch!  The Motor City never stops and neither does Pump 5 Grille's commitment to Family, Quality, and Our Community!  Our supercharged menu gasses up all the fan favorites you can expect from a classic grille!


How did a Chef end up in a gas station?
Actually wait. . .how does a gas station end up having a Chef?  

Chef Hisham went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. He also spent time working in New York City where he sharpened and broadened his cookery skills. Working in some of the most highly acclaimed kitchens helped him improve his technique and acquire an interesting skillset.

After returning home to Detroit, Hisham found himself working as a food-industry consultant for the next few years. While working with existing restaurants, Hisham started to really understand first hand what drives the Motor City’s culinary desires—he dove in to what Detroiters want to eat. “There's a unique hustle and bustle we have here in Detroit but still no one is willing to sacrifice their food for that,” he often says. Hisham’s goal is to be able to deliver high-end comfort food that any Detroiter can appreciate and access.

Chef Hisham and the Ali family are life-long friends. One morning, Hisham was on his way to Downtown Detroit with the food truck he worked on at the time. On his usual route, he stopped at Mason’s Mobil to fuel the truck. His friends, Tarik and Adam Ali both happened to be at the Mobil—their Mobil.

While Hisham was fueling the truck, the brothers looked at the menu on the side and were impressed by both the excellence and the affordability of the food. Suddenly, it all came together and the friends started discussing a big idea.

The Ali family already had a passion for customer service, convenience, and being a neighborhood staple for over 40 years. Hisham, on the other hand, has a passion for hospitality, good food, and smiles. Combining their knowledge with the relentless drive and unstoppable Motor-City hustle and grit, the trio was ready to hit the road with their new concept: Pump 5 Grille. The Motor City’s spot for Hand Selected, Premium Cuts, Super-Charged Eats.

How the Pump met the Grille.

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